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Effect of different organic fertilizers application on growth and environmental risk of nitrate under a vegetable field

Abstract The effect of chicken manure after different disposal methods (water-logged composting, GOF; anaerobic digestion, BR; thermophilic composting, ROF) on vegetable growth and environmental risk was investigated under the tomato-celery-tomato field. Results showed that organic fertilizers significantly increased vegetable yield and quality, but with inappropriate application may cause serious environmental risk such as nitrate pollution.…
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Fertilizer consumption

As we saw in the previous part of this series, fertilizer is the single most important catalyst in improving crop yield. So fertilizer usage has increased around the globe in the past century. The above graph shows how global fertilizer[1. NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) fertilizers] consumption has increased over the years. According to the IFA…
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Seeds, Pesticides, Fertilizer: How Big Companies Harnessed The ‘Holy Trinity’ Of Modern Agriculture

The massive industry that supplies farmers with the tools to raise crops is on the brink of a watershed moment. High-profile deals that would see some of the largest global agri-chemical companies combine are in the works and could have ripple effects from farm fields to dinner tables across the globe. Six companies currently dominate…
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